The most effective method of intermittent fasting

A personal trainer reveals the ‘most effective method of intermittent fasting’ — here’s what I learned.

Intermittent fasting is changing the way people eat.

With so many different ways for people to fast these days, is one better than all the rest?

Personal trainer and health coach Max Lowery said in a contribution to TechInsider that cutting your eating down to just two meals per day, is the best way to tackle fasting head-on.

Lowery, is the author of the book “The Two Meals Day“, where he swears is the simplest and most effective way of intermittent fasting.

“So, in the 16:8 method, you basically break up your day into a period of 16-hours fast with an 8-hour eating window,” Lowery says. “For me, it’s just a simple and natural way of eating.”

Lowery adds that most people that start doing the two meal day is because of weight loss.

“Yes, they are losing weight, but actually we’re constantly hearing how people have so much more energy throughout the day without energy crashes.”

“This is because they are not dependent on food for energy, but rather they are dependent on body fat,” continues Lowery.

Lowery believes that the 16:8 method might not be as perfect as it seems. With just one slight adjustment, you can make it far more effective.

He explains that in the longterm, the body becomes used to this eating habit and one should start eating because you now understand your self better and not because the clock tells you when to eat.

What do you think? Have you tried any other fasting style? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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The most effective method of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is changing the way people eat. With so many different ways for people to fast these days, is...

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