Bluetooth Earphones by Sudio

I love to listen to music. Have you heard of new wireless earphones called Vasa Blå made by Sudio a Swedish company?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I spent it with family and friends. We had a dinner with lots of food/drinks and a good time sharing fun stories.

I love to listen to music especially when I’m on the go, so having a wireless earphone is a game changer for me. Have you heard of new wireless earphones called Vasa Blå made by Sudio a Swedish company?

They are the “IT” thing right now and it is all the rave. This earphone has a built in bluetooth so you don’t have to plug it in your phone. I don’t have to worry about the earphone cable wrap up with other things in my hand bag.

It comes in black , white, blue and pink.

– 4 pairs of extra sleeves earphones
– Owner’s manual & quality assurance card
– Genuine leather carrying case
– Metal clip
– Charging cable
– Battery

Here are some of the key features of this earphone:

– Studio quality sound. The bass is deep without being too boomy. Great sound quality on all genre of music.
– Elegant design
– Exclusive leather carrying case. The leather case that comes with it makes it easy to carry them in your bag while you’re not using them. It comes with a rose golden clip as well.
– Up to 8 hours of continuous wireless freedom
– Compatible with all bluetooth devices
– Built-in microphone

How do you set it up?

It is simple.

First turn on the blue tooth on the smartphone.
Next, press and hold the centre (play/pause) button on the earphone remote until the red and blue lights are blinking.

Finally select “Sudio VASA BLA” on your smartphone and connect.

Discount code

The Sudio Vasa Blå costs CA$ 140, but this promotion code diana16 will give you 15% discount when you purchase any of their earphones.

Have you used this earphones before? What are your thoughts on this?

Outfit |Details:
Sweater: H&M
Skiert: Forever21
Boots: Sirens
Scarf: Gift from mom

  1. I love that concept cos my ear phones are always tangled and I’m not the most patient gal in the world. Your crochet braids look so good and I love your boots. I had a good Christmas. Onto the New Years celebration now.

  2. Love your style, especially the boots! These headphones look great especially when traveling 🙂 Happy New Year 2017!

  3. Yes ear phones having the nice features and look very attractive…Especially you looking so pretty and the outfit is given a perfect look for you….nice combination….

  4. Great post, good earphones are must have for me, I really like the concept but with my phone I would be without battery after 2 hours of listening to music if my bluetooth were on all the time 😀

  5. Fantastic outfit, amazing boots 🙂

    new post

  6. They look nice and seem really portable. The only problem I have with ear buds is that they always end up hurting my ears. How comfortable are they to wear after a couple of hours?

  7. Darling first of all, let me compliment that gorgeous hair of yours and your boots are totally awesome. I do love to listen to music and I agree struggling with cords and ear phones could be so clumsy. Good one there for wireless ear phones.

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