Blanket Scarf To keep Warm

My favorite item to keep warm and cozy when I’m out of the house is a blanket scarf. I would like to know who came up with this great idea.


My favorite item to keep warm and cozy when I’m out of the house is a blanket scarf. I would like to know who came up with this great idea. The fabric is so soft and keeps you warm and cozy.

I was travelling to a near by town in a train and I wrapped myself in this scarf and what happened was a little embarrassing…lol Emm I slept and forgot my stop (covers face).


A blanket scarf would do that to you. I got it last year and it has been my go to. I have another one which I will be styling soon; I always stick with what works. Accessories can add so much life to an outfit. This blanket scarf makes all the difference to this outfit.

I completed the look with my all time favorite thrifted boots. I got these boots last year when velvet boots were not as trendy as they are right now…lol.

I guess I’m ahead of the trend. What do you think of this look? Yay or Nay

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Blanket scarf: Urban Planet
Shoes: Thrifted: similar

  1. This blanket scarf is really gorgeous and now I’m regretting not picking up a really similar one I’d seen in Zara just the other day. Gorgeous boots by the way!!

  2. You sure are ahead of trends both in fabric and color. I bought a pair of Aquazzura thigh highs in that color. Hahahaha, sorry about your stop. That must have been a power nap you took. I love your blanket scarf, so cute!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Diana. Where I come from, it’s summer all year round and no one wears a blanket scarf! I will be visiting Europe soon and had no idea what to pack until I read this post. Yep, I am going to add a blanket scarf to my packing list.

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